With an injury to TJ Grant… Just like that Anthony Pettis has his rematch with Benson Henderson!  Pettis has been asking for a title shot against Bendo for a while now and mentioned doing it in his hometown Milwaukee.  In their last fight it ended in a video game roundhouse kick to the face of the current UFC champ but can Showtime do it again?!  WATCH


Both fighters seemed to have evolved since their days in the WEC and i’m SUPER EXCITED for this one!!!  I remember seeing Anthony Pettis while he was on MTV’s “World Of Jenks” then watching his fights in the WEC.  Here is a link to that episode if you haven’t seen it –

I always thought he was a dynamic fighter and his style reminded me of the “Pride” days where a lot of fights were to put on a “Show” for the fans. As for Bendo.. HE FIGHTS WITH A TOOTHPICK IN HIS MOUTH! lol.. i mean, he’s a very likable guy that i feel keeps it classy in and out of the ring. I pick this as one of the ELITE fights of the year and give it a toss up on who wins. I LIKE BOTH!

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