Silva In Tears

Anderson Silva in tears is a scary sight—especially when those tears are a product of defeat. For those still alleging Silva threw the fight against Weidman, I have but one thing to say: If Spider did throw the fight, it is by far the biggest regret of his professional, and perhaps his personal, career. Several questions will hang in the air before Silva/Weidman II, but this clip has decidedly answered one—come the rematch, we will all be privy to the very best version Anderson’s body and mind will allow.

Tragically enough, the antics pulled by Silva in his first fight with Weidman have placed him in a perilous hole. Silva must defeat Weidman twice, while Weidman only has to win once. Even if Silva eviscerates Weidman in the rematch but loses a razor thin decision in the rubber match, Anderson’s legacy will incur significant damage. Silva needs to win twice, and both wins must occur in devastating fashion. I’m excited. Watching Silva fight with his back against the wall is a spectacle I’ve yet to witness. I hoped a superfight between Anderson and Bones would extract the very best from Silva. Needing two decisive victories over the new UFC Middleweight Champion is respectable consolation.


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