Articles online have been circulating that Rampage vs Roy Jones Jr is set to happen at the end of this year.  I remember Rampage talking about doing something like this a while back but thought it was an idea that just fizzled out.  I guess not… maybe he was setting something up like this the whole time?!?!  Check out the video above with OUR interview last September while he was still fighting in the UFC talking about how MMA got boring and he wanted to try other things like Boxing.

MMA stars such as Anderson Silva, Nick Diaz, King Mo and several others have expressed interest in boxing matches but nothing has come to fruition.  Boxers like James Toney have tried coming over to the octagon but got smashed (beating starts at :54).  The argument is that MMA Fighters are just more well rounded and can take the fight anywhere.  I wonder how a MMA Superstar that trains boxing will do on their playing field.  Boxing coach Freddy Roach said in an article once that his top 5 mma boxers were Anderson Silva, GSP, BJ Penn, Nick Diaz, and KJ Noons saying they could be successful.  Is this the start of a new breed of mixed MMA / Boxing promotions?  Is this this is good for MMA?  You think Rampage will win?  How do you think other MMA fighters would do in boxing?  What fighters today do you think would fair well?  Leave your thoughts and comments below!   Well.. not before checking out OUR interview (well we set it up but King Mo did the interview..) with rampage a while back of him talking about wanting to go to boxing and how MMA has gotten boring.. You guys agree?