(Video) Lyoto: “Glover can beat Jon Jones”

Fight Hub TV interviewed Lyoto Machida and asked him who he thinks can beat Jon Jones.

Glover Teixeira was his answer:

“I think Glover, he’s great technique, he’s a very strong guy. He’s training to fight and he can beat Jon Jones one day. He’s good. He’s difficult to take him down, he defends all the time and good cardio too. I think Glover can beat Jon Jones.”

Due to how the Lyoto vs Phil Davis fight went, perhaps we will see Glover vs Phil Davis to decide who get’s the next title shot.
But first, Glover will have to defeat Ryan Bader on September 4th at the Fox Sports 1 event.

Jon Jones vs Alexander Gustafsson will take place on September 21st at UFC 165 in Toronto. If Jones loses, we would most likely see a rematch, which will delay Glover’s shot at the title. Let’s hope Jones doesn’t lose so Glover will get a shot within the next year.

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