Rampage & King Mo Squash Beef (VIDEO)

The other day we were able to sit down with King Mo for an interview about him signing with Bellator and going to TNA. At the end of the interview, we asked if King Mo would interview Rampage himself because we were at the Rampage Fitness Academy in Lake Forest. King Mo said he had no problem with that and as we were wrapping up and about to leave, he sat down with Rampage to address their beef and interview him on a few other topics. Here is part 1 of 3 clips we were able to film that day with him talking about their “beef” from the past, thoughts on Chael Sonnen, and how MMA has changed so much.

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STAY TUNED for “Rampage and King Mo” parts 2 and 3 coming soon! Next videos talk about Rampage’s next fight, Fighting in Japan, and a lot more!!!!!!!

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Rowdy Ronda Rousey retains her belt as the Strikeforce women’s champion after defeating Kaufman on Saturday. She’s been calling Cyborg out and says she wants to fight her ASAP. We’ve talked with Cyborg several times and it looks like she wouldn’t mind taking a crack at Rousey either. Here is Cris Cyborg at the Samurai MMA event a few months back:

Here is Ronda interviewing with MMA Heat on how she wants to fight Cris Cyborg next after her fight.

Women’s MMA has come a long way…. I think CYBORG VS ROWDY would help take it to the next level!

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UFC on Fox 4 Aftermath

I thought the fights tonight were awesome. I’m not sure if it was the extra motivation that Dana White gave for the lightweight title shake up but it looked like people were going after it tonight. 3 knockouts and 1 submissions. NO DECISIONS on the main fights. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Caught a few faces tonight like our friend Kenny Johnson from Bolt Westling cornering for Lyoto Machida. Looks like our wrestling coach friend will be helping out for the title shot after the Jones vs Hendo fight coming up. I’m curious how Machida would do against Jones a second time around…. Regardless, i think that it makes a little more of an exciting fight if Jones can defend his title.

Swick looked good in his return with a pretty nasty knock out and enjoyed watching the battle with Shogun and Vera. That was a war in there. Right when it looked like Vera was going out.. he’d come back with a little fire each time. In his post fight interview he said he felt like Rocky where people boo at the start then started chanting his name towards the end. There were talks about him getting cut from the UFC at one point and looks like after this fight that he should be sticking around.

For our MMA ELITE fighter Jamie Varner, he looked pretty good at the start but something happend during the second round. Jamie said: “Looks like I broke my hand,” Varner said. “I mean you can kind of see it, the knuckle is gone. When one of my right hands landed, it was gone; it hurt pretty bad.”

Joe Rogan mentioned several times that he looked tired and was possibly not in best shape because of the short notice but Varner said he was pleased with his performance overall after the submission loss. “I am proud of my performance, I would love to fight him again. Not right away, but some day. And I will go ahead and give myself credit for performance of the night.”

We wish Jamie the best of luck getting ready for his next fight and hope he got a few more fans with the fight tonight despite the loss. Looking forward to the next UFC on FOX!

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