Matches to Make After UFC 163


Jose Aldo (23-1)

Aldo once again proves why he deserves to be the UFC feather weight champion and top 5 in the MMA P4P rankings with a victory over Chan Sung Jung last night. He overcame a nasty broken foot in the first round. Although Aldo seemed hesitant last night, he was effective enough to win each of the rounds; however, after the first round was over, the Brazilian hobbled to his corner and many people noticed he was maybe injured. Aldo continued to be hesitant and continually winning the rounds. In the fourth round, Sung Jung dislocated his shoulder and Aldo struck in for the kill and stopped the bout by TKO (punches).

After Aldo’s victory last night, the clear number one contender should be Ricardo Lamas. Lamas has gone on a tear, as of late, compiling a 4 fight win streak finishing the last 3 out of 4 bouts. Lamas has the skillset to cause the champion problems. Could Lamas shake the UFC feather weight division up?

Phil Davis(12-1)

Davis was once considered the next big thing in the UFC light heavy weight division and recently, he is certainly living up to that standard. Davis won a very controversial UD over Lyoto Machida last night. This fight could have been for the next clear number one contender status; however, it would have needed to be won in a dominant, spectacular way that the UFC and fans could not deny. This fight did not live up to those standards.

Davis should face the winner of Glover Teixeira (21-2) vs. Ryan Bader (15-3). All three guys are riding multiple fight win streaks and are arguably the top 5 in the UFC light heavy weight division. This future bout would declare a true number one contender and should be granted the next shot at the UFC light heavy weight division. Which of these guys could meet Davis?

Ian McCall (12-4)

McCall snapped a 2 fight losing streak after defeating Lliarde Santos last night via UD (Fight Of The Night Honors). McCall needs someone who will help him climb the fly weight division latter. A bout against John Dodson (14-6) or John Moraga (13-2) seems to be a fitting piece to his fly weight championship goal.

Amanda Nunes (8-3)

Nunes looked incredible in her bout last night stopping her opponent in 2:08 of the first round declaring her the winner via TKO (punches and elbows). Nunes should face Germaine de Randamie as both competitors are looking to go 2-0 inside the UFC octagon.

Thales Leites (21-4)

Leites made a statement in his first fight back in the UFC by defeating his opponent in a secure UD decision. Looking to put together a 2 fight win streak, he should be matched up with Ed Herman (21-9). Both fighters are veterans of the sport and stylistically this is a bad match up for both fighters.

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So You CAN Hurt A Zombie To The Body…?


“I did see that he had separated his shoulder and kicked him…”—Jose Aldo

Yeah he did.  At least we now know you can destroy a zombie with a well-placed body blow.  In preventing Jung from eating his brains, Aldo solidified himself as a rival-less champion at 145.  I gave Pettis a solid chance at stealing the title, but it seems his toe dipping days at Featherweight have come to an end.  Looks like we’ll just have to wait for them to clash at 155.  It feels like that’s all we have to look forward to with Aldo.  Until he jumps to Lightweight, it may be difficult getting excited about his upcoming bouts.  That’s not to say he won’t have some epic battles at 145, I just don’t think they will look super attractive on paper.  Nonetheless, divisions are fluid and any number of challengers could emerge at the drop of a hat.  Congrats to Aldo—even with a broken foot, he proved to be a monster more than capable of killing the undead.